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Entech Electronics Chinas Capabilities

Our Asian team views your product manufacturing challenge as our own. We provide a unique link to the latest electronics manufacturing services within the China and Asian region.  Our Chinese and English speaking team include personnel with expertise in specific areas of technology to assist you in making the right choices.  Entech Electronics China has a committment to ongoing investment in technology, systems and people. We emphasise speed, flexibility and cost effectiveness and our committment to quality is paramount. With our knowledge of the Chinese and Asian marketplace and the strength of our relationships with strategic component suppliers we will provide important advantages for your business.

Product Engineering

Our in-house skills include design for manufacture, PCB design and layout, mechanical design, user interface design and design review for manufacture.

Project Management

Experience to manage short leadtime new product development through to volume production.

Supply Chain Management

Strength in logistics reinforced by worldwide supplier partnerships.

Full Product Build

Including materials sourcing, PCB assembly, final assembly, testengineering, technical and marketing documentation, packaging and shipping.


Flexible throughput, high accuracy and risk free ramp-up or continuous small batch supply. Using in-house manufacturing processes or our accredited supplier partners we seamlessly run from prototype to production volumes to deliver on-time.

Product Testing

X-ray, flying probe, automated optical inspection, in-circuit and functional testing using standard or deicated equipment are fully supported to ensure accuracy and reliability.

Technlogy and Skills

With our in-house engineering and product specialists we provide accuracy, flexibility, short cycle times and advanced technology.

Order Fulfillment

Entech Electronics offers a comprehensive ship to point-of-use program. To complete your total sourcing solution, Entech Electronics minimises delivery expenses and can offer inventory storage. Shipping to your facility or customers around the world, we can develop and order fulfillment program to suit your needs.